Saturday, January 15, 2005

Live who?

I suppose it'd be easy to say the universe is against, but that would be so arrogant. It's more like, who tries to move in January? People who've been kicked out of their houses, that's who. Two weeks ago, today was the best forcasted day at and now, freezing rain and high winds.

Ah well. At least my stuff is pretty much packed, so I didn't have to stay home doing that. Heather made raspberry pancakes with one of those just-add-water pancake mixes and they were surprisingly good. So that motivated me to walk to Nature's for frozen berries and then head to mom's for raspberry waffles. Of course I called to see if she needed anything so I ended up carrying a chicken about a mile and it got pretty heavy at the end there.

Then I went over to the new place (I'll be so glad when I can quit calling it that) to pick up the power cord for my laptop, and Carrie and I had another nice chat.

The waffles turned out fabulously and there was turkey bacon as well. Then we watched Chris Rock: Never Scared, which was pretty funny. And then it was naptime and I've been asleep till about an hour ago. The phone woke me up and it was Carmen calling to see if she can officially bail out of move-attempt number two tomorrow. I haven't heard back from three of the people that were supposed to help today so I told her I'd call her back. Then I started calling the back-up troups. I think I'll be ok now, assuming the weather cooporates, but it would be nice to have one more big car on board. Hopefully someone else will call back this evening. I'd rather have lots of people and get done quick.

My voice is till absolute crap, though I can get out volume if I have too--I just sound like Kathleen Turner gone horrbly wrong. Still no luck coughing up all the damn stuff that's causing this. And to think I was supposed to sing in the reunion choir on Monday...ha ha ha.

Well, off to have my 2nd cup of tea of the day and decide which movie to watch next.