Monday, April 30, 2007

The unbearable cuteness of being

Today consisted mostly of errands, homework and visitors, with only minor irrational anger and impatience at random moments.

Once I got home, my friend J brought her 9 week old kitten Simon over to visit.

It's pretty much impossible to be sad with that much cuteness displaying itself in front of you. In fact, it's a good thing that we had to give Simon back or he would probably significantly hold up my grief process. He's *that* cute. Several times when he was laying in my lap and tilted his little head back to look at me, I thought I just might die of the cuteness. Seriously.

J left him with us while she went out for dinner so he was here for six hours. In addition to cheering me up, we also wanted to see how Willow would react to a kitten who presumably would be willing to play with her. Things went well for about 47 seconds and then it was all hissing and crying from there. Simon was completely unfazed by these antics but I was devastated--my kitty is a totally hypocrite! She's been chasing 14 year old Idge around all this time like if ONLY Idge would play with her, her life would be complete. And then she turns around and disses Simon, who's only crime is being adorable.

Ah well. Guess we probably won't be getting a kitten of our own any time soon.

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