Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Let the Resolutions Begin!

I wanted to write more, so here we go. I've just signed on for this:

Join me (Cortney Erskine) & many others in this New Year’s Invitation on behalf of Studio PA-CO!

~ 365 Degrees ~

Make one piece of art EVERYDAY starting January 1st, 2008 thru 12/31/08. Whatever medium you desire.

We will meet to discuss experiences and share monthly at Studio PA-CO every Last Thursday of the month at 6 PM.

Come January ‘09 a group show is planned & potential publishing of artists work by Alberta Street Small Press.

Everyday. Overwhelming, but I think I can do it. What have you committed to in 2008?

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Milena said...

Kronda - do you know of the Artist's Way books by Julia Cameron? Um, I don't have them, but I've skimmed extensively, so I suppose that counts. Anyways, the big exercise is called "Morning Pages" where you write 3 pages of anything, non-stop, first thing every morning - no editing. It's liberating and I think it's helped my writing. If nothing else, it keeps me honest! Best of luck with your artwork-a-day project...