Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

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Happy Birthday Mom. A year ago we had dinner at the Equinox (free, 'cause they never let you pay for anything after you got sick). You had the shrimp appetizer named after Desmond's daughter (that you couldn't eat) and he made you a specially created sugar free dessert that was the envy of all the tables around us.

And a few days later we had a huge birthday party at SEI with decorations and a DJ and about a hundred of your closest friends and family. I don't know what pain you bulled your way through to even get there, considering you spent all your energy out shopping with your sisters earlier in the day, but you did get there (late of course!) and you even danced, and I knew it would be your last time.

Hard to believe that was only a year ago. Hard to believe that was a whole year ago. Hard to believe your ashes are sitting in a pretty urn on my bookshelf and I'm never going to hear your laugh or get to say the same thing at the same time or finish your sentences, or get you that granny bike that I promised you.

Hard to believe that from now on, on this day, I'll think to myself, today she would have been __ (56).

I sure do miss you. Hope you and uncle Jonathan are having a party, wherever you are.


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Marc Acito said...

What a beautiful note to someone who's obviously very special to you. I'm sorry for your loss but know that your mother lives on in your memories and she will continue to impact the world through you.