Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm waiting around at Macforce for my new boyfriend Todd to come out and get his thank you cookies, that I made spur of the moment after he saved my bacon (and probably my entire back up disk) from certain death this morning. It was on my way after all. I didn't used to believe in PMS but the fact that it's (FINALLY!) sunny and warm, I'm out riding my bike around and I'm still cranky must mean something's up. I'm trying to think good thoughts, but it's hard. I love Stephanie Schneiderman--love her--but if "Oxygen" pops into my head one more time, there might be a suicidal incident. Made an un-chaperoned visit to REI with predictable results. Went to the graduate portfolio show at my future school. They're doing some good work down there. On my way to my first Pedalpalooza event.

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