Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yes, We Have No Bananas

I was 0 for 2 on bike pick ups yesterday. The Dummy wasn't ready (though the hand built wheels are gorgeous!). I'm hoping against hope that Corey can pull off a miracle and finish it today because I *NEED* to have it for bike camping on Tue and the shop is closed tomorrow. Please send helpful bike building vibes his way!

A few blocks over, at Coventry Cycles, the Tikit was all shiny and ready to go. Jeff spent some time adjusting the brakes and shifters to my preferred position--the saddle was already perfect. I took it on a prolonged spin and was amazed again what a great ride it has for such a small wheeled bike! I even found a little gravel and it rolled just fine. And the internal hub is way cool.

Back at the shop, I was turned over to Tom. Tom said, "You're going to pack it into the case and I'll talk you through it." I was relieved, because I know it's a pretty involved process the first time. Even with his help, it took us an hour and fifteen minutes to turn this:

New Bike Friday Tikit

into this:

New Bike Friday Tikit

By the time we finished, I didn't have time to take the bus home with the case, which was my back up plan, since the Dummy wasn't ready. I was really looking forward to carrying two bikes home on another bike--but I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunity for that.

I will definitely go pick up the Tikit in the Zip Car today after my Portland Century rest stop duties are over--and hopefully (crosses fingers) the Dummy as well.

Check out the little tour I took of the Bike Friday headquarters on my way to Mt Bike Oregon in July:

Update: Clearly, I should have watched this video first:

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