Friday, January 02, 2009

Baby Steps

Dear blog,

It's been 33 days since my last post.  I though once school was done, I'd come back to you and we'd you know, catch up and reminisce about the good times. (Whoa I spelled reminisce on the first try!).

But somehow things just keep coming up.  First I just wanted to sleep for three days (didn't happen). Then there was a big storm and there seemed to always be something to do. Feed someone's cat, shove a pill, shovel some snow, try out the new studded bike tires in the snow, break out the cross country skis, stay up all night changing towels to control water leakage in the house--you know how it is.

Finally we had a couple of days to just relax but I just wasn't motivated to write.  There was season three Dexter to finish, Netflix movies to watch, lemon cakes to make and eat, and my 'holiday letter' DVD which is still in progress. I'm having a great time going through all the footage from the past year.  We had a pretty fun year, broken bones not withstanding.  That stupid snowboarding trip continues to haunt us--if there's one thing I could take back about 2008, it would definitely be that.  Oh the hindsight!  I wonder how the year would have been different, had I just bought an extra pair of wrist guards.  But I promised myself I wasn't going to dwell on that anymore.

But rest assured blog, that I think of you often, and even though I say this every year, I really think this is the year that I'll relate to you more consistently.  It's all about learning to sum things up, but not so quickly that I just end up tweeting about everything.  It's a delicate balance, but I'm taking the first step.

Speaking of brevity, I'm going to end there for now.  Next time, we'll look back on my first term of school, and report on the first few days of the new year.  The weekend is pretty packed with socializing though, so don't expect me back hear before Monday.

See you soon, blog.

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