Thursday, June 22, 2006

Communified Ride (A Pedalpalooza Event)

I was running late getting out of work so I really had to huff it over the Hawthorne bridge to make it to Jonathan's communified ride that started at the Salmon street fountain. 

I made it just in time.  The ride rolled out shortly after I got there.  We mosied down the waterfront at a social speed and I chatted with Evan Manvel of BTA fame.  I was surprised to find out that he only has one bike! But I guess that's all you need. (My fantasy bike stable has about seven bikes...commuter, road, MTB, bent, tandem, get the picture :)

When we reached the steele bridge, we had to wait for a train to go by so I took the opportunity to eat some of my dinner, chat with the other riders around me and snap a few more pictures.

After the train passed, we continued on and, to my surprise and delight, turned right after the train tracks and onto the walkway along the river underneath the river front apartments.  One thing I love about PP is how it's gotten me into new places, even in the neighborhoods I ride every day.  The new perspective is so refreshing!

At the end of the walkway, we stopped in a parking lot for more chatting.  I got to talking with Donna about her fine looking red Breezer. Little did I know I was letting a tiger out of it's cage.  5 minutes of talking to Donna about the joys of internal hub gears, step through frames and getting respect from drivers while riding in a dress will have you ready to trade in your steed if you're not careful!  Our conversation was very enlightening since I'm still on the search of a bike for my mom.

When we got going again, we went back along the waterfront, across the steel bridge and down the Esplanade to the Hawthorne bridge.  Our journey ended, but Jonathan snapped portraits of folks with their bikes and there were even props if you wanted them.  There was general milling around and good bikey feelings and Aaron helped a couple of guys brainstorm about how to carry their rafts on their bike for a long trip they are planning.  The trick is how to carry the boat and also how to carry the bike the boat so you have it for your next destination.  I think they made some progress.

It was a lovely way to begin the evening and I left feeling good and rode home at a nice mellow pace.

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