Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Welcome Joe!


Welcome to the Portland cycling family. So sorry for your loss...of popularity that is. Because in a town where we just held the first ever Bike Summit to look forward at the future of biking in Portland, you'll have to do more than just ride your bike to get attention. Perhaps you could try riding a really little bike or a big tall one. Just don't try to stand out by being the only Black person at every event, cause I've already got that covered. :) Hell, even Bunnies on Bikes get respect around here!

Looking forward to seeing you around town. And hey, when you get here, if you need help moving your stuff, be sure to check out the Shift website. A few emails to the right people and you too, can experience the phenomenon known as Move By Bike (or help out with one...I hear you know a thing or two about hauling stuff!).

And when you need to get your bikey bearings, Jonathan is sure to have a report on everything bike-related at his site, Bikeportland.org

Just think you can have your flats within walking distance of the nearest *bike shop* instead of a Wal-Mart! Get ready for cycling nirvana. :)


Fritz said...

I had a flat near a wal-mart once. This was in Austin Texas. The only tubes they had didn't fit my bike :-(

Joe said...

Thanks for the welcome. You mean this bunny suit I bought for the move won't do it? Hmmm, you have many unicycle commuters there?

See you soon, somewhere, I'll bet. I'll be the one on the bike.