Friday, July 13, 2007


After 14 hours of travel to get home from D.C. to Portland, I had one day to 'rest' (read: unpack and then repack) and now we're off to catch the bus to Seattle for the STP ride.

The good news is, all blogs and video from the D.C. trip are *this* close to done. Hopefully I can get some time Sunday night and Monday to wrap them up and post. Look for an explosion of words and other stuff on this space. :-)

Last night we had a very impressive thunderstorm, complete with lightening. J, being from the midwest, was cooly unfazed, while I was like a kid in a unicorn shop everytime the sky lit up. Seems the weather from D.C. followed me home. That was nice and different, but we're getting on our bikes tomorrow so we can now return to our regular three months of uninterrupted sun.

There's gotta be some perks for putting up with gray northwest winters!

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