Sunday, August 19, 2007

Just start somewhere

To say I'm completely overwhelmed with how 'behind' I am on this blog would be an understatement. We've actually been back from vacation since last Sunday night but I've been running a million miles a minute since then. So this an attempt to just post something in the hopes of making the task less daunting.

Wednesday we had a day that was more like what I thought my whole summer would be like. Sleep in, have a nice breakfast, slowly mosey out of the house on bikes to go pick blackberries. After that we stopped a the Bike Gallery so I could look at shiny new mountain bikes (more on that later) and then to Trader Joe's since we were in the neighborhood. They've finally moved into their new space in the old Gold's Gym location and it's huge and very nice to have so much space.

Then we hoisted ourselves and our groceries up the Alameda ridge to the Kennedy School for a Women for Bikes meeting. Then we headed home and paused to look at the amazing sunset/moonrise over the west hills.

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