Monday, August 27, 2007

NoPo Night

We went out to watch the last week of racing at PIR and cheer on some of my teammates. Kim Reuter took home first and Kem got the spirit award (in my book) for guts and persistence.

I'd forgotten my bike headlight so I went home for a hot minute, changed into my grubby and extremely dorky clothes and headed back to Delta park for my first softball game. I haven't played softball in, well, never except for subbing twice last season, but Maureen in her infinite wisdom put me at 3rd base.

Then we proceeded to get our @sses handed to us, but we had fun. And we only lost 20/12 which is not bad considering we gave up 15 runs in the first inning. I let a bunch of grounders go by, but redeemed myself by catching a fly ball that came straight at my head. "You looked surprised," said one of my teammates back in the batting cage.

"Yeah, I was totally surprised. Next time I'm going to work on playing cool." I got up to bat twice but the guy couldn't pitch to me so I walked and got to run around the bases twice. They have a lot of weird rules for Fall season softball like, you start with one ball and one strike which is just crap. I don't care if we only have an hour, I need all the chances I can get! Also, you're not allowed to touch home plate. Ever. It's a safety thing, so you don't plow into the catcher but it definitely lacks a sense of closure. I'm going to have to talk to my therapist about this.

Fortunately the rest of our games are earlier in the evening so I'm hoping Jess will be off so I can have my own cheering section.

By the time the season ends, I think I might actually suck a little less.

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