Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Visit

Jess's dad came to visit in October for four days. The whole thing went pretty well, despite the fact that I had a huge project due for school. I stayed up all night Friday working on it and after sleeping in a little on Saturday, still managed to be social for most of the day.

We took Chuck around to a bunch of our favorite eats, like the Blue Moose, Little Red Bike Cafe, Flavour Spot and Thai Noon. He managed to only publicly embarrass us one time. Sunday we went out to Rainier, OR to watch cyclocross racing.

Monday was a gorgeous sunny Fall day and we headed over to Portland Meadows for a couple of hours to watch the racing. I'm in a horse phase right now and I hadn't been over there for few years. Yeah, it's a small time track full of nags as far as the big time racing venues are concerned, but the horses are still real pretty and it's exciting to watch and hear them come thundering down the home stretch.

On his last night, my dad joined us for dinner and we finally answered the burning question of which dad talks more. Mine won by a landslide. :) Fortunately, they both tend to say interesting things, and it relieves us from playing hostesses over dinner.

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