Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I lost 3500 lbs, Ask Me How

From 2000 Toyota Camry

I put the craigslist ad up yesterday and today the car is gone.  Before I went to bed, I had no less than five people all up in my grill.

"Please call."

"I'll be out your way in an hour."

Whoa, easy folks, I have socializing to do!

But today was just another trip to deep SE land to deliver more bike parts, with quick detour to REI to pick up yet another online order. Yes, I know we have a problem.

Anyway, the first guy called and said he'd be over at 3:00.  He was a nice older guy who's car got totaled and he's a home health care worker, so he needs wheels, like pronto.  I liked him.  There was of course, part of me that wanted the car to 'find a good home.'  It was, after all, mom's car.

The second guy had a thick Spanish accent and couldn't say my name to save his life.  He showed up with his friend or cousin or someone in tow, and was much more particular about the cosmetic defects and showed me how to tell that the hood had been replaced, as if I cared.

In each case there was the awkward moment when they ask if I'm married. I say yes, to simplify things.  "What does your husband do?" they ask.

"Partner," I say, out of habit.


"Something like that."

Accent guy says he asks because his cousin needs a good woman to help him out.


When we get back from our test drive around the block, he wastes no time starting to haggle.  I'm calm though because the part of me that wants the car to go to a go to a good home is perfectly willing to send him on his way and hope the nice home care worker calls back. He senses this and in the end, he gives me my price.  He shakes my hand, turns to his henchman and says, "Count the money."

Now I truly feel like I'm in an episode of NY Undercover.

So just like that, my four wheels are gone. Thanks for the ride to MBO.

No doubt, there's a sand storm on my bookshelf right now.  Mom always hated the thought of me riding around at night, or in the winter, or in the winter at night.  Cheer up mom--Jess still has a car, and really, I'm much happier on the Dummy.

Speaking of, I really need a name for the Dummy.  LFoAB has El Dumbino (bummer about their delayed move to PDX btw).  Bike Hugger has Bettie.  I need something less generic, but inspiration hasn't hit yet. I'm open to suggestions.  And I've been looking at my stats, so I know there's someone reading this.  Don't be shy, chime in!

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Toni said...

Remember the show "Sanford and Son" with Redd Foxx? He was the cantankerous junk dealer - had the son Lamont. "You big dummy" was a repeated line of his. I'm not sure if you think of your Dummy as male or female, but I'm "chiming in" and suggesting SANFORD as a name.