Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Last Days of Summer

It's all coming to an end.  But at least we have this last gasp of 80+ degree weather (where were you in August???).  Jess and I have been enjoying a mellower pace this weekend as the frantic travel of the past three months winds down. 

One of Jess's friends was recently diagnosed with a metastatic return of her breast cancer.  (Have I mentioned how much I hate cancer? I hate you cancer!).  Friday we spent a few hours visiting with her, cleaning and playing with baby Sam.  I made another batch of quinoa stuffed peppers and we took it over as well.  All the stuff people came out of the woodwork to do for us when mom was sick.  I was so happy to do it and so pissed that it needed doing.

After we left, we headed to Seven Corners again, to drop off some parts for my cross check frame, which is finally in and should be built up in time for me to do an actual cross race next weekend.  I've agreed to 'try it out' once, but I don't expect to get hooked on a sport who's main features involve cold, wet and mud.

We watched the debate at Lisa's house where we were distracted by Essex and his latest cute ploys.  He's a hairs breath away from walking, and then, look out!

Saturday, after the River City women's ride, I was wiped out.  Jess suggested I pull out her outdoor lounge chair and take a nap in the sun, so I did exactly that, while she cleaned her road bike in the back yard.  Jess has free movie tickets, so after my nap I looked for a theatre movie to go to, but everything looked really stupid.  We opted for our Netflick, 13 Going on 30.  This was the third DVD we'd ordered, and none of them will play in our DVD player.  We finally made this one work on a laptop, so that's how we watched it.  Jess tends to fall asleep during movies at home, so they usually end up being two (or more) parters.

This morning we watched the last of the movie and then spent a very mellow day doing house organizing chores.  I have one more week before school starts and I'm trying to wrap my head about the idea of getting up early, deadlines, and being broke. 

In preparation for the end of my term as a full time house wife, we're trying to get in the habit of extreme meal planning--so when we both come home exhausted, we can just heat up some leftovers and be done with it.  We've tried this before, but I'm hoping this time it will stick. I spent several hours finding new recipes and making a spreadsheet with lists of ingredients for our favorite meals, for quick shopping lists.  I think in order to keep going, we'll definitely need to add some more quick prep meals, ala Rachel Ray--but less annoying.

At least I didn't have to cook today because my friend Edith invited us over for dinner--and when her son came down with a cold, she offered to bring the food to us instead.  So we had delicious pesto pasta, made with basil and tomatoes from her garden, and didn't even have to travel.  Life is good, and sometimes, life is really good.  After dinner, and good conversation, I took her out on the Dummy before she went home.

Ironically, despite Edith's lovely offer to spare us germs, I find myself with a tell tale tickle in my throat and downing my second cup of throat coat tea tonight.  I hope it blows over quickly 'cause I really don't want to spend my last week of freedom hacking up phlegm. 

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