Friday, January 04, 2008

Frustrated Elation

I went and bought books for my classes today like a smart girl who doesn't like to wait in line. Though I'm not sure what section of writing class I'll end up in so I covered all the bases and will eventually have to wait in line to return one of the books. Ah well, at least I won't get behind in class.

Then I went to Next Adventure to pick up my skis. They weren't done yet (bindings were being put on) but the wait was only 5 minutes. Got caught up in the helmet section and found myself going home with a new snowboarding helmet. But mom, it's got a really warm liner that goes down the back of your neck! And it was really cheap (for a snowboarding helmet). And I actually have plans to snowboard in less than two weeks, so now I won't have to rent some ill fitting, possibly lice-ridden hand-me-down.

I did look longingly at the used boards in the bargain basement, but I have sworn off buying my own until next season, depending on how the lessons/rental adventures go. I suggested to Jess that we take at least one trip to Bend this winter. Could be dangerous.

New skis and bootsWhen I left the store, the sun was shining in earnest, and I looked forward to riding over to the Red Bike for lunch with Curt and some other bikey errands in the afternoon. When I got home, my boots were waiting for me on the porch and they fit perfectly.

But wait! What's this chip in my skis? Crap. So I call the store and now I have to drive (need to get that Xtracycle!) back after lunch and have them exchanged, which means waiting while they remount the bindings. Annoying. But it will all be forgotten when I hit the slopes tomorrow in all my glory. Plus, there will be dogs! I wouldn't take it amiss if the sun would like to stay out tomorrow as well.

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