Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Let it snow

I had an epiphany during our first cross country ski trip of the season, about winter sports. It seems pretty obvious now that I've had it, but since I didn't really have easy access before, it just didn't occur to me. But having spent four glorious hours in winter wonderland, I realized that getting outside in the winter in a way I can really look forward to, is a way to combat S.A.D., make the long dreary months between Jan and March go by quicker and even avoid that feeling of dread I get during Fall every year because winter is coming.

Aside from the exercise and the endorphins, just the fact of getting out into the postcard that is the pacific NW gives me a new perspective. Endless rain in town means snow on the mountain.

Jess already owned cross country skis when we met. She's been doing it since she was six years old. I had been a few times in high school and then not again till last year with her.

I had a much better time on this trip, what with the better snow and the not having hives from an extreme allergy to hidden Brazil nuts in my bread. I had enough fun that I've spent the last week shopping for my own gear and it'll all be delivered/ready for pick up on Friday. And like magic, I got an invite from an old friend of mom's to go skiing on Saturday.

After lots of shopping around, I managed to get pretty good deals on my kit. The skis and poles from Next Adventure, boots from and bindings on sale at REI. And if my feet were smaller I could've gotten the boots at REI for $80.

Alpina Control Skis: $109.00
Rottefella bindings: $46.99
Rossignol BC X3 boots: $114.00
Leki Back Country Air Ergo adjustable poles: $79.99

(Keeping up with your girlfriend on the slopes: Priceless --yeah I had to do it :)

I'll report back after Saturday on the performance of all my new gear.

ETA: This also counts as Art#2 since I made the movie after midnight. I'm slowing learning my way around the IMovie. It's fun.

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