Friday, April 04, 2008

In which I Admit I Have a Problem

I caved.

The cable guy comes next Thursday, just in time to add Scifi channel so I can get BSG on Friday.

I miss family (or roommate) Buffy/Angel nights, Xena parties, and having someone to watch my favorite sci-fi shows with. (Yeah I ended on a preposition. What are you going to do about it?) 

Jess and I have a freakish amount of things in common, but the sci-fi, it make her run screaming from the room, no matter how many times I tell her it's just a political commentary set in space...  Yeah, I tried telling her about the hot babes too. No joy. 

Guess it'll just be me, Starbuck, Athena and some popcorn.

So say we all.


Anonymous said...

I find this very appropriate that you posted this on a certain birthday of mine. Some of us have more serious addictions than others. :) Thanks again for coming out tonight. It was really great to see you and Jess.

xo, C

AnnMarie said...


Alice and I know you from the cafe where we work; Little Red Bike. She and I work together there on Saturdays and Sundays behind the counter. You drink oregon chai and I think your gf drinks decaf.

Ali and Alice went to high school together, and when we moved to Portland Ali gave us both jobs. It is a small small world/city.

See you in class. Thanks for checking out the blog.


Solarusmoon said...

I'd do the frakking BSG nights with ya (if I wasn't a state and several hundrend miles away)...

So say we all.

-Beth (L.A.)