Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Morning is Not My Time

I hate days like this.  I got up early, thinking I'd come to school early and have breakfast on campus. I was doing well. Made myself a smoothie to use up the banana that was going south in the fruit bowl, gathered up my stuff--remembered my rain pants 'cause the weather has sucked so bad.  Grabbed my wallet from the bookshelf--checked my pocket for my phone--grabbed keys on the way out---

Oops. As I rolled up to the bike rack I reached into my pocket and realized, I had not, in fact, grabbed my keys. This is the problem with having a fancy garage door opener and leaving by bike. There's nothing that forces me to remember my keys.

So there I was with five hours of classes ahead of me and no save place to put my bike.  I was not riding all the way home again, especially not with the amount of headwind I fought on the way to school. There had to be a solution.  Could I take the bike to class? Someone had their bike in math class just the other day, but for writing I would have to leave it in the hall and I definitely couldn't take it into the gym for yoga.  I called campus safety and was told their office was too small to hold a bike.

I was just about to give up when I remembered Daniel.

My math teacher from last year bikes to class every day. I ran into him on my way home just a few weeks ago and I knew he taught a 7:00am class that gets out at 8:40.  I went to his office and he showed up a few minutes later.  I explained my problem and he was totally sympathetic.  He offered a few solutions. I could put it in his office, but he wouldn't be around by the time I got out of classes.  In the end, we walked out to his bike and he let me borrow his lock.  He could keep his bike in his office both here and at his Portland State U office later in the day.  We exchanged phone numbers and I promised to slip key and lock under his office door in an envelope later today.  I put the key in a closed zippered pocket of my pants to prevent further stupidity.

Since I had planned on having breakfast at school, I skipped the first 20 minutes of writing class to have eggs and hashbrowns in the cafeteria and prevent (my own or someone else's) low-blood-sugar related death later in the day.

So much for being an early bird.

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