Sunday, March 16, 2008

Best Church Ever or How to Have Fun Without a Keg


We hosted the last Church of Waffles of the season this morning and it just so happened that we saved the best for last. All credit goes to our fabulous friends who are so much fun to be around that all we have to do is put them in a room together and keep the carbs flowing and the fun blossoms like spring flowers.

We love to see fresh faces at COW, and today we were happy to welcome three new friend/girlfriends of friends, Kim, B and Alicia. Ankesh is one of my Live Journal buddies and he showed up (on his birthday, no less) to hang with us. We met at an LJ meet-up years ago and have been reading each other ever since. He seemed to have fun despite initial worries about being the only boy (there was one more to keep him company, but I'm not sure they ever even talked).

We met John last fall at the Voices For Silent Disasters concerts and we've been exchanging lots of email lately. I love hanging out with him because we like a lot of the same things, mainly, bikes, lesbians and movies, not necessarily in that order. He's one of those guys who can say things that would get other guys in trouble, but with him, I just laugh. I'm pretty sure John is probably a lesbian trapped in a man's body, like that guy from first season L-Word. (How else can you explain a guy coming to a party full of lesbians and leaving with a phone number?) John, you can come back to our house anytime. Uh, anytime we're having a party that is.

Jess's friend T won the award for 'over-achieving potluck guest' with her homemade scones that she brought over ready to be baked on a Pampered Chef baking sheet. She's also been known to bring us homemade chocolate chip cookies which Jess says she likes better than mine. Fortunately my love of a fresh scone trumps baking insecurity every time.

I was thrilled that my friend Lauren showed up, since I hadn't seen her in almost a year. And there's always one or two couples that have to be dragged out of bed via text message threats and cajoling, but then become the life of the party when they finally show up. Names are withheld to protect the sexy.

Sprinkle in a dash of Rodrigo y Gabriela for background music and you have yourself a pretty fine morning.

I was a bit more of a control freak about waffle iron access this morning so we didn't have any major disasters like last time. Despite the added workload, I was pretty relaxed and enjoyed myself immensely, watching my friends meet each other, share hugs and stories and laughter. What can I say, I love bringing the people together, especially when the people are so darn cool.

There was only a brief period when the noise level went to bar levels and I could see Jess wincing--but it quieted back down to tolerable levels. I'm definitely the extrovert of the family, and I'm lucky I have a sweetie who's willing to indulge my fondness for entertaining.

The whole shindig lasted a little over three hours. John was one of the last to leave and noted to Jess, "Wow, your house is about to go from completely full to totally quiet."

"That's totally fine with her," I told him, and we all laughed.

The nice thing about church is the easy clean up, especially since some nice house elves had come through and put everything away and loaded the dish washer! Within 30 minutes, the house was cleaner than before we started and all furniture was returned to it's proper place, leaving us most of the day to chill out and enjoy the silence, with the memories of laughter echoing in the halls.

You can enjoy the slide show of waffle-based fun below, but I highly recommend you check them out on my Flickr page (with captions & notes).

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