Thursday, March 13, 2008

Down the Rabbit Hole

Stranger #74 Craig
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I got a cryptic message that said someone had found five of my social networks using Spokeo. I had never heard of it before so of course I went to take a look-see. It's a social network aggregator that finds all the public Internet content of anyone in your address book.

Talk about a TIME SUCK!

Of course I joined.

Although I can't seem to help a propensity for public navel gazing, most of my friends do not suffer the same affliction--which makes it very hard to stay in touch. Spokeo promised me new and amazing information about where the lurkers in my life are hanging out on line.

So far I've been able to dip into it in quick spurts, like a bag of Frittos that you force into a friend's hands to hide from you after a few chips. That way I get to look forward to new surprises every day.

Like the photo, taken by the director of my educational teen theater group from high school, seen above.

It turns out she's quite the photographer and she's participating in a project called 100 Strangers. Go read about it and then go check out her 100 Strangers Flickr set. Totally mesmerizing.

Hey, you had a few hours to kill, right?

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