Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We're Aunties!


Late Monday night J and I went to the airport to welcome home our friends Lisa and Spike and their newly adopted bundle of joy (or poop, depending on the moment :), Essex.  He is even cuter than pictures can accurately display, and from all reports, a pretty mellow baby.

It was good we brought both cars, because they were loaded with four suitcases, carry-ons, stroller and car seat, plus two very tired new parents.  Then it was off to their friend's house to pick up the car and their very large dog, Otis.  The friends have two dogs of their own, and everyone on two legs or four was very excited with all the activity.  Jess and I were the only night people in the group, so we were the only ones not up past our bedtime.

After introductions and cooing, we loaded everyone back up and dropped them off home, where they could get some much needed rest.

As we drove home on the nearly empty roads, we pulled up to a red light a few blocks from home.  I gave Jess the universal 'roll down your window sign.'  She did.

"Pardon me, would you happen to have any Grey Poupon?" I said. She laughed, and the light turned green.  I love doing that.  Once when I was twelve or so, I did it to a guy sitting next to us in a truck while my mom was driving.  She was horrified, to say the least, which only made it funnier to me.

Today Jess went over at 3:00 to help organize all the baby stuff.  I became extra motivated and finished my homework and last final in time to pedal over and join them for an hour.  Essex was a bit fussy after eating--he loves the eating and doesn't so much like the stopping of the eating.  Lisa cuddled and bounced and cooed, but to no avail.  The only thing that would calm him down was a baby Vangogh video that his former caretakers let him watch all the time.  It was chilling the way he instantly calmed down the moment bright shiny objects appeared on screen.

Six months is just a little too young to be hooked on TV already!  I have no doubts that a healthy direction towards self amusement is already underway. 

Once, when I was in highschool, I figured out that I watched, on average, seven hours of TV PER DAY.  And yet, I also got good grades, read everything I could get my hands on and rode my bike all over town from the time I was twelve.  I only wish I had that much time on my hands now.

2008 03 19_Essex homecoming_0001.JPGAfter some play time, more fussing started, so we took a walk around the block.  Essex loves anything that involves movement, so the stroller is one of his favorite things.  Lisa promised to get a Burley trailer so we can come by and pull him around the neighborhood and I can't wait.  If he thinks the stroller is good, he's going to love the trailer.

We had only reached the corner, when we encountered several neighbors and their kids out in front of their house.  Only a few seconds went by before the woman, who turned out to be Desiree, said, "Oh I see you guys all the time at work."

I was thinking, what do you mean, I don't even have a job, when she revealed that she works at REI.  Busted again.  I got used to a certain amount of retail fame from years of working in customer service, but getting recognized for being a patron of a large chain is a first.

After our short walk, we left L & E to entertain the next person in what's sure to be a stream of visitors this week.

I'm looking forward to getting to know little Essex better.

I rode home, though I could have copped out and put my bike in the car. Instead I raced Jess up Williams and held my own until Killingsworth, where we both ended up at a red light.  Her window rolled down.

"Got any Grey Poupon?" she asked.

The light turned and so did she. I raced home, but didn't beat her or the rain which started pelting me just after we parted ways.  My legs got pretty soaked, but hey, that's what wool is for.

It was nice to get some baby time and have a somewhat relaxing evening.  Tomorrow I start on my last project, which is really a make up of an incomplete.  If not for that, I'd be on spring break right now, but I'm working hard to forget that fact, and focus on this last bit. 

Friday, I'll celebrate with a Stephanie Schneiderman show at Jimmy Maks.

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