Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bad News

My (paternal) grandmother died. More later.


Moms passed away sometime near midnight last night. We got back from the beach early on Wednesday and went to the hospital to check on everyone. At the time they were starting dialysis to try to clear the toxins from her body, but she was too far gone to be saved.

Not thinking, I went into the room to see her and instantly regretted it. Sudden toxic shock to the body does not look pretty. She looked worse than mom ever had and I thought that was bad. Very dumb move on my part, resulting in instant trauma and flashbacks.

It's all too tragic for me to even wrap my head around at this point. Just the irony itself is mind boggling. A colonoscopy 10 years ago would have surely saved mom's life--and now a colonoscopy has taken my grandmother.

I think I'll just go bang my head against a wall until that makes sense...

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sue said...

you are fucking shitting me. geez, k, life really does suck. last year, though, my grandmother (paternal) died, my dog/soulmate died, and my dad started bleeding out the ass in a bizarrely like colon cancer incident, and all i get is the ability to empathize with you a little. i'll hug you next time i see you. and remember i've got a cute puppy and a hot tub that are yours for comfort any time. love,