Sunday, May 13, 2007

Procrastination in the form of errands

Traci called this morning in her usual no-notice fashion and said she needed a ride to the airport, which totally messed up my plan for a lazy morning and breakfast. I dropped her at the airport at 11:15 and by that time my brain was filled with things that should be done that had nothing to do with math. The chief of all these things, now that I was driving the car again, was to get it cleaned out. The trunk was still filled with rejected shoes from our trip to Buffalo Exchange and the passenger space was too filthy to bear thinking about.

So I altered my plan to do homework all day and instead sorted all the shoes to be sold at Rerun consignment shop into two grocery bags—my limit for my appointment on Sunday—and stored the rest in the garage. Then I put on latex gloves and cleaned the rest of the garbage out of the car. I spent more time than I meant to running errands, but I'd read the first few pages of Traci's book before she left town and gotten hooked so I went to Barnes & Noble and picked it up with a gift card that had been a birthday present for mom. Then I returned some vitamins left over from the reign of Grammy. I had to have the book before I went to the car wash, to make the waiting around bearable.

I finally got home just after 2:00 and spent a few hours reading and then forced myself to do some math before it was time to go to JD's (again!) with Carmen. The first night, the show was so good that I was determined that one of my friend's should see it. Danette wasn't available so I called Carmen and offered her a ticket and she was free. She was coming from the other side of town though so I took the bus downtown in a rain so hard I was wishing I'd brought my umbrella. We met in the lobby and enjoyed another good show. I could tell the kids were really tired though, as well they should be after four high energy shows in three days.

After the show, we went to Rimsky's for dessert and I had a pot de creme, which always makes everything seem better.

On the way there, I called Jess to say goodnight and she confessed that she had needed entertainment and so had watched our tape of Grey's Anatomy without me. I told her that was OK. She offered to watch it with me again. I know I should have fessed up, but it didn't seem like the time to admit that I had watched it the night before. I knew I'd get in trouble later. Jess finds out everything eventually, and usually sooner than later.

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