Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I'm so behind on so many things. Life is moving way to fast already. I thought I was supposed to be taking this time to grieve? (insert violins here).

Today I had my big interview for the
Ford Restart scholarship. I I had to drive to Eugene which was the second hardest part and I had to dress up, which was the first hardest part. Every time I have to go into drag, it takes a whole village to accomplish the task. But I was entirely happy with the results, so I'm not complaining (this time). My fashion consultant Erica approved my basic look, then took me over to Goodwill where she put her hand on the perfect shirt in .03 seconds (I hate/envy people who can do that!). The next day I was on my own at the mall (where's mom when I need her?) but I found a really cute blazer for $20 at Sears. Bonus: it was cuter than the $111.00 blazer at Macys! Go me. When we were going through stuff at the house last week, I kept a bunch of mom's shoes that I thought I could stand to wear for just such an occasion and she had the perfect little black low-heeled shoes. Traci is still shedding tears just about the fact that her feet are not the same size as mom's. It really is tragic, since she would so appreciate it more than I do, and mom had aproximately 10 billion pairs of shoes, some of them never worn.

I was just starting to get a handle on the math thing and then I got sick this weekend. And I was in a generally terrible mood with lots of sobbing and what not. So I skipped math yesteday so I could spend the day trying to pull myself together and finish my fashion crisis.

I somewhat succeeded, at least in terms of the clothes and my mental preparations. I cut my hair, took my shower, got all my stuff together and planned to turn in right after Heroes. Everything went fine until the going to bed part. Then my cold decided to strike. This cold is my absolute least favorite kind, the endless phlegm model. I had this one right before my second date with Jess and also sometime in the fall/winter of last year. I hate it because A) it's totally gross and B) it goes on FOR.EV.ER. First the coughing drove Jess crazy so I vacated to the guest room. But every time I lay flat, the phlegm just collected in the back of my throat, causing me to have to cough and hack it all up. After two 20 minute sessions in the bathroom, I gave up and went downstairs and watched some more of my Battlestar Galactica DVD. But I couldn't stay up all night, so in the end, I 'slept' on the couch with my head propped up, which seemed to help some. I was up until 3:00AM and got about 3 hours of sleep.

Despite all that, I managed not to wreck the car on the long boring drive to Eugene and I feel like my interview went really well. Especially after talking to the two people who went in after me, who felt they never connected with the interviewers. Truthfully, I was expecting it to be a little harder, but they didn't delve very deep and so I stuck to the standard dog and pony. They're interviewing 88 people and giving out 50 scholarships so I think my chances are excellent. The scholarship pays for 90% of unmet need for any accredited school in Oregon, which really opens up the possibilities for transferring after next year and going for a bachelors degree. I need to do more research on that though.

And now I'm back to slogging through math trying to catch up, and eventually I really should take a look at that online photoshop class I haven't looked at all term. Of course, to do that, I have to get my computer back from the Mac doctor. I got a call today that they sent it to Apple, they replaced some parts, but it still didn't fix the problem. Great. I think I've been pretty calm about not having a computer all week. Probably because Jess is working so much so I can sneak in time when she's not here.

I should hear back about the interview in 2-3 weeks.

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