Saturday, May 19, 2007

Birthday Bowling

I soooooo did not want to get up and get on my bike today. But we're officially in training for STP and there are a limited number of days we have to train and this was one of them. I lay in bed past 9 and snuggled further under the covers, when Jess said we really should be thinking of getting up.

I gave in eventually, and we got up. I put her in charge of breakfast, while I made pasta for lunch that we could fall on after our ride. We ate waffles, mango and scrambled eggs.

I put the spaghetti carbonnara (or bacon spaghetti as we like to call it) into Tupperware in the fridge. I made two separate batches, real bacon for me, fake for Jess. It's one of the few things that easy to cater to both our tastes.

We finally got on the road around 11:30 after one false start. It wasn't warm by any stretch but we forgot to factor the wind into our clothing choices. As soon as we got away of the shelter of the house, we turned right back around and put on more clothes. I wore my new Showers Pass rain jacket to check out the wind-proofing and the breathability.

We had planned to do 60 miles but time wasn't on our side anymore and the route I'd been wanting to do was closer to 40 or 45 miles anyway. We went over to Willamette Blvd to Interstate and down to the Eastbank Esplanade. Then we kept going south, through Milwaukie, past Elk Rock Island, the site of our one and only midnight ride adventure and on to Oregon City.

We stopped just before the bridge into Oregon City at a very new looking gas station/mini mart and took turns taking a nature break. I gave her a small kiss before I went in and before I remembered where we were. “Oh my God, we could get shot!” I exclaimed, only half joking. But no one threatened and one guy just asked how far was our journey today.

But I wasn't to escape totally unscathed. As we approached the bridge to Oregon City, I heard stupid boys yelling at me out of their car. At least, I assumed they were yelling at me because all I caught of the words were “f&&k that n-----” at the end. I didn't turn my head, just nodded to myself---we were in the burbs alright.

After that I was eager to get back to so-called civilization where people only think their racial slurs at you for fear of reprisal. We rode through 'the city' and back over another bridge onto hwy 43 and headed through Lake Oswego. We passed a strip mall and I saw a big Cold Stone ice cream sign leap out at me...but we were training so I resigned myself to drooling as we went by. That is, until I heard Jess yelling something from behind me.

I slowed down so I could hear her. “Don't you see the Cold Stone?” she was yelling.

“Well yeah, but we're training and...”

“It's your birthday weekend baby.”

“Oh YEAH!” So I turned down the steep driveway and we parked our bikes next to the outside tables.

Since we didn't have locks, we ordered separately. I went first, since Jess would be paying for our treats. The guy who served up my dish was generous, heaping a nice pile well over the edge of the dish. By contrast, a different worker practically robbed Jess. Her dish was barely over half full, with air pockets on both sides. I barely gave her a chance to pout before I grabbed her dish and mine and went back inside. The stingy guy who'd served up her scoop was still at the counter.

I smacked both our dishes in front of him and said, “She's feeling a little cheated.”

He proceeded to explain that mine was over filled. I just looked at him.

“Um, I can put some more in if you want...” he said, in a tone that said clearly, this time. That was fine by me. It's not like we'd be out this way again anytime soon. He still seemed disgruntled so I said to him, “It's OK, it's my birthday.”

“Oh,” he said, as if it actually made him feel better. I took the now repaired dish of cake batter and coffee ice cream back to Jess and we enjoyed our mid training ride treat.

The ride back was more climbing but the peace and scent of the woods in Tryon Creek state park more than made up for it. We cruised through at a leisurely pace, both because Jess is not great at climbing and so we didn't run into any pedestrians on the twisty wooded trail.

The rest of the ride was uneventful and we made it home by 4:30. I wasn't as starving as I thought I would be so I opted to shower first and put my birthday cake in the oven before falling on my pasta. I insisted on making my cake myself. This being my first mom-less birthday, I wasn't really willing to chance that anything about my cake might be different.

At my request, Jess had organized a cosmic bowling party for me at Interstate Lanes. We arrived just before 7:00 and had four lanes to ourselves. I always forget about bowling but when I do remember to do it, I always have a great time. Fourteen people showed up and it was a blast. Jess claimed to suck at bowling but it was quickly revealed that we had a few ringers in the crowd. Jess, Leslie, Tessa and I had the highest scores after the first game so then it was decided by the group that the high scoring players should be on the same lane to lower the pressure for the rest of them. I manged to break the hundred point barrier in my second game, but Leslie, Tessa and Traci in the lane next door proceeded to wipe the floor with the rest of us. Luckily the great thing about bowling is that it's so fun no matter how bad you suck. And everyone loved my cake.

Eris had picked Traci up from the airport on her way to the bowling alley and then Traci came home with us. When we got home Jess asked me (rhetorically I assume), “Do you want a present now and a present tomorrow?”

Well duh. So I got to unwrap a box slightly smaller than a breadbox that contained an Eagle Creek toiletry bag for traveling, the kind you can hang up in the bathroom while you brush your teeth and what-not. I loved it 'cause I would never really think to get one even though I always admire the one Jess has. It's easy for us to shop for each other because we just pick out whatever we'd buy for ourselves. Actually, since mine is newer, I think she's a little envious now.

Tomorrow we have a fabulous spa day planned at Bonneville Hot Springs.

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