Friday, May 18, 2007


Today after math class, Jess and I went out for one of our first real training rides for STP. We didn't have much time so it was a fairly quick 30 mile trip out to Blue Lake park and back. Winds were reported 10-20 mph and it was pretty brutal coming back on the path. Of course, I'm the one who always gets to take it in the teeth while Jess cruises behind in my draft. It's the price I pay for having the bigger thighs, but I don't really mind. I made her lead the whole way out so I could check out her uh...form. :)

When we got back, we had time to shower and eat before heading to the next birthday festivity, a date at the Livewire variety radio show. We saw Jay Graves, Bike Gallery owner and he recognized and said hello to Jess, which was a nice change—usually I'm the popular one so of course I had to tease her. But I lost my high ground when it turned out that I knew two of the people in the show tonight. Dave Allen, Dirty Martini manager and former bassist for Gang of Four was on interviewing the creator of the CD baby website. And Ashleigh Flynn performed. I didn't even know that I knew her but she came up to me at the Pickathon a couple of years ago and she used to work with one of my exes at Cascade Aids Project. Such a dinky world.

The show was not the best I've seen them do, but it did have some high points. Afterwards, I wanted to say hi to Ashleigh so I grabbed Jess's hand and walked backstage like I belonged there. Fortunately the first person I ran into was Jim from Mississippi Studios, who also produces Livewire. Jim knows me well from the musical company I keep.

“Hey Jim,” I said.

“K, how's it going?”

“Good, I'm looking for Ashleigh.”

“Come on, I'll take you up.” And he lead us up some hazardously steep narrow stairs to the hallowed green room. I love being on the fringe of the cool kid crowd.

We didn't stay long, just exchanged pleasantries with Ashleigh and I introduced Jess. She asked what I'd been up to and I kept it light. I don't think she knows about my mom and I didn't bring it up, despite the strong urge I always get to let even the most casual acquaintances know-- I feel like they should know they're dealing with the walking wounded, rather than a regular person but it's just not always appropriate.

When we left, Jess scolded me for grabbing a chip on the way out—but they were Doritos, I had to do it.

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