Thursday, May 10, 2007

Couch madness & Jefferson Dancers

I got a small crew together and we met up at mom's house to move the rest of Traci's stuff into storage. It all went fine until we tried getting the couch out of the front door. After about 45 minutes of struggling with five different people working on the problem, Traci decided that maybe she didn't want to move the couch and matching recliner across the country after all. That's great, but it was still stuck in the doorway. After nearly taking the whole door frame apart, we finally managed to shove it through and then just left it on the porch.

We tried craigs-listing it but when that didn't work, I sent a quick email out to the network and had people emailing me the next hour. My friend Lauren was the first to ask, so for the price of a nice lunch, I told her the set was hers. I'm glad because I totally love Lauren and I'd rather give it her for free (especially now that we totally scraped it up shoving it through the door) than sell it to some stranger.

After we left all our blood sweat and tears on the front porch, we took the recliner back out of Meredith's car and into the house. On the way in, it came apart in our hands. Which is to say, the little switch that you turn to make the top come off, got pushed and so we carried it back in two pieces.

“I wonder if the couch does this too?” asked Meredith.

“If it does, let's just keep it to ourselves,” I said. She checked and sure enough, said she found similar latches on the couch. But in the end, it all worked out because there was no way the couch or the chair would have ever fit into the storage space. Not to mention, Traci would have to make friends pretty fast at law school if she wants someone to help her get that behemoth into her new apartment in August. No, I think things are better off this way.

Once that was done, I took Jess out on a date to see the Jefferson Dancers in their spring concert. I thought it might be emotionally hard because it was such a tradition for mom and I to go see shows...and then Traci once she graduated...but it turned out it was more upsetting because I hardly saw anyone that I or mom knew. Over the years we slowly have less and less connection to the new crops of younguns coming through until now we really don't know anyone except the director and the choreographers. What used to practically be a family reunion is now just a really good dance performance by some talented kids.

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