Monday, September 10, 2007

Fence building

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Made great progress on the fence today. Terra came over with her saw and cut support beams for us and generally acted in an advisory capacity, which is not to say she didn't get her hands dirty. I somehow volunteered/got suckered into scooping all the dirt from the holes we dug and transporting it by wheel barrow out to the street. My back didn't like that. Then our nails were too long, so I had to go to Lowe's and then Home Depot. But finally, sometime in the early afternoon, I got to do what I've been looking forward to since we started--hammering. The nails in back were somewhat problematic, but in the front I had enough leverage to do some good old fashioned hammer-therapy.

We rewarded ourselves with the usual Scooby snack--Burgerville shake and then Jess proceeded to act as my good luck charm for this week's softball game. Yeah, we still lost 14-12, but we played much better than last game. Not only did I not make any major errors, but I got two people out while playing second and got my first legitmate hit--a solid crack of a grounder that I haven't been able to achieve in practice. I told Jess she'll have to call in sick if necessary so she can attend the rest of my games over the next four weeks.

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