Thursday, September 13, 2007


Since I moved to Nopo, I haven't really had a good place to loiter. In my first two terms of school last year, I practically lived at the Alberta Street Tea house, spending up to six hours a day doing homework, drinking tea and visiting the loo. It helped that they were close to my old house and open till 10pm.

Since moving, pickings have been slim and unsatisfactory for various reasons, which is why I was so excited when Little Red Bike opened up.

Yesterday I remembered that my good friend C is footloose and fancy free for a few weeks between quitting her job and starting school. I started to call her but then she popped up on gmail chat. I successfully convinced her to meet me at the cafe for lunch. Thus starts my plan to lure in ever more unsuspecting diners to the warmth and yumminess of that fine establishment.

We had a lovely visit, and lingered long after closing time. Ali put on the best of Michael Jackson and C and I experienced a bit of a time warp as all our old favorites came on. Pretty soon we abandoned conversation in favor of singing along with "Man in the Mirror" and other classics. Shortly after 3:30, Abe the wonder dog showed up with his people Tim and Lindsey. Abe was just as sweet and adorable as described and I had loitered around with the hope of finally meeting him. Lindsey saw how totally wrapped I was and said, "You can come hang out with him anytime." Ha...she should probably be careful what she asks for. :)

We did eventually leave and I went home and made some progress on the fence and not much else. After dinner, when the question of dessert arose (as it usually does), I decided to indulge.

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Eris said...

i want a cookie so bad! damn you!