Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Losing Streak

No, I'm not talking about last night's softball game, though we did lose--again, bringing us to perfect 3 loss record. I'm referring to the much more distressing fact that I left my mitt at the batting cages. That mitt was far more expensive that I had any right to spend on something I'll only use for 6 weeks. I'll probably have to join a team next summer to justify it. But more importantly, it seems to have started one of those unfortunate periods of absentminded carelessness that leads to losing important items...such as my keys.

Yup, I lost my keys today. Somewhere between the Verizon Wireless store and Cacao Drink Chocolate is a small ring with two bike keys and two house keys. Perhaps languishing in a gutter, or smashed beyond recognition by a passing car. The good news? I didn't lose them *before* unlocking my bike and they are all quite replaceable. In fact, given a choice between replacing the mitt or the keys, the keys are the clear winner. Hopefully the manager of the batting cages will be more accessible tomorrow so I can find out if they recovered my mitt and get it back before next week's game...

I'm going to need to be extra careful for the next week or so.

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